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STAY TUNED! We are going to "SPRING" into action with an all-new exciting line-up in APRIL 2020.


Thought Crimez is a jack of all trades channel that delves into Hip Hop, Comedy, Entertainment, Social Commentary, Animation, Music and more. Completely neutral grounds with NO payola. We keep it fresh, real and free. From behind the curtains of the industry, animated skits, animated shows, narrative tales, parodies, mini-documentaries and more. 

The BCS Experience -VINTAGE

The charismatic history enthusiast and actor Byron C. Saunders takes to the virtual air waves to deliver his unique brand of social commentary fused with fascinating historical information. Byron brings on exceptional guest from the political, theatrical and educational community to discuss all the issues that really matter to us. Mr. Saunders has brought personality and powerful insights back to radio!   


GoProRadio's new series called mini-SLICE provides a snap shot of news, events, personalities and performances throughtout our communities. Get your mini-SLICE today! Directed & Produced by Tylon Usavior Washington.